1.500€ bonus for successful staff recommendation

Employees in assembly who successfully recommend a new employee receive a €1,500 bonus after one year. “This internal measure has been in place for more than a year now. Now we were able to thank the first employee for his recommendation and hand over the bonus for the first time. Others will follow soon,” explains Josef Bartlechner, CEO of Zeman & Co GmbH.

Searching for skilled workers in the environment of the employees
“Looking for skilled workers is often not easy, and since we as an employer have a good image among our employees, we rely on personal recommendations. We have done well with this so far, and the bonus is an additional motivation. And we are glad that together we have come through the pandemic well so far and still have a need for staff again and again. Apart from that, it fits well with our corporate culture as a family business that we rely on internal recommendations,” Josef Bartlechner comments on the success of the measure.