Talsperre Hierzmann, Foto: Wiedl, ©VERBUND

Visitors’ footbridge for the highest dam in Styria

Spectacular steel construction enables crossing of the Hirzmann Dam.

To complete the modernisation of the 60-metre-high dam wall in Styria, we, as steel construction specialists, built a footbridge below the dam crest on behalf of VERBUND. For the first time, visitors can now not only walk around the entire reservoir, but also enjoy the spectacular view of the valley from the footbridge.
In March of this year, we used highly specialised industrial climbers and a helicopter to lift and assemble the individual footbridge elements.
With the completion of the structure and all safety equipment, VERBUND opened the new footbridge of the Hirzmann Barrier for public use on 3 June.

Helicopter lifting and assembly of the footbridge elements with the help of specialised industrial climbers.

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