Hidden Markets Champion der Metalltechnischen Industrie

World market leader ZEMAN Bauelemente: Awarded as Champion in “Hidden Markets 2019”

As a machine builder, the ZEMAN group once again proves its position as a global market leader in the field of fully-automated assembling and welding of structural steel beams. For the installation of the “Steel Beam Assembler” (SBA) for Cullen Steel Fabrication in Australia, ZEMAN Machines was awarded as Champion in “Hidden Markets 2019” by the Austrian Association of Metaltechnology Industries. “We are grateful to be recognised as a competent and reliable partner for our ever-growing customer base. Hidden champion of a hidden market? Not for much longer! There is more to come,” CEO Andreas Hofer is pleased and confident.

Interview with Ron Barrington of Cullen Steel Fabrication
“The SBA steel beam assembler brought us a step closer to far greater efficiency than we previously had.All the parts get placed on the correct position and the wrong part cannot be put on the wrong position. Whilst this improves our efficiency and the time it takes to do the steel it’s also giving us a real advantage. (…)“

Read or watch the whole interview:
www.zebau.com/de/cullen-steel or on Youtube

Further information:
– Information on “Steel Beam Assembler”: www.zebau.com/en/sba
– Cullen Steel Fabrication: www.cullensteel.com.au
– Association of the Metalworking Industry: www.metalltechnischeindustrie.at/en/